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Lifestyle Lift, Founded in 2001

Since 2001, Lifestyle Lift has offered an alternative to traditional plastic surgery.  Focusing on the face, eyes, and neck, the physicians at Lifestyle Lift are able to revitalize a patient’s appearance by using methods that are customized to their specific needs. The use of local anesthesia offers a more affordable alternative that is safer than general anesthesia used in traditional plastic surgery.  Ultimately, the Lifestyle Lift is a less invasive, affordable option for plastic surgery with natural looking, lasting results.

David Kent, Founder of Lifestyle Lift

David Kent, Founder Of Lifestyle Lift

Dr. David Kent, the founder of Lifestyle Lift, started as a one office operation in Troy, Michigan. Today, Lifestyle Lift has expanded to over 50 surgical centers across the United States with three Medical Directors that monitor patient-doctor interactions and procedures. This ensures consistent results and a positive patient experience.  Lifestyle Lift physicians are carefully selected and are the forerunners in their medical fields. They are the perfect blend of medical expertise and patient care. That combination is what makes the Lifestyle Lift so unique. All of the employees at each and every Lifestyle Lift center from the physician to the receptionist are an integral part to you achieving that natural, younger-looking you.